Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course require any prior knowledge or experience?

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge.

How long does it take to complete this course?

Three days of focused learning, but you can always break it down to smaller segments and study when you have the time.

Who wrote this course, and based on what information?

A team of digital marketing specialists and experts have composed this course based on current day tactics and their real-world professional experience.

What impact will this course have on my business?

You will learn how each major digital channel functions, how to build multi-channel campaigns and the basics of conversion optimization. These pillars of marketing can easily boost your ROI considerably.

I’m an experienced marketing specialist, do I need this course?

If your experience is focused on a single marketing channel or a single type of activity, yes! Learning how the rest of your marketing ecosystem works can yield great results and optimization opportunities.

Does this course have localized versions for my country?

At this time the course is available only in the English language, with a focus on US and EU marketing ecosystems.